vendredi 23 novembre 2007

Photos par Aurore Desmet

dimanche 11 novembre 2007

The wildest dream...

The artists on the wall...

Moustache 3 Day Show:
( 34 rue du Serpentin, Brussels, October 26,27 and 28, 2007.)

Opening Night: JEAN BICHE (Live DJ Set)

Saturday: KALONJI and CUPP CAVE (Liège) 

Sunday: Live show: I LOVE SARAH

Ricard Aymar (drawings) Spain, Belgium.
Romina Pelagatti (drawings) France, Italy.
Pierre-Plume (drawings) France.
Manon (drawings) Belgium, France.
Alice de Wrangel (drawings, crafts) Belgium.
Morgan Vigilante (drawings) Belgium.
Lucie Tocaven (drawings) France, Belgium.
Geraldine Georges (drawings) Belgium.
Romario /P.Carvalho. (drawings on photos) Belgium, Brazil.
Monica Gallab (drawings) Belgium.
Jean Baptiste Biche (drawings) Belgium, France.
Lisa Linnea (drawings) Sweden.
Julien Colombier (drawings) France.
Lia Bertels (drawings) Belgium.
Obi Okigbo (drawing) Belgium, England, Nigeria.
Melissa Koch (silhouette) U.S.A, Belgium.
Sophie Penrose (drawings) England.

Pierre Debroux (photography) Belgium.
Aurore De Smet (photography) Belgium.
Tine Claerhout (photography) Belgium.
Marta Solsona (photography) Spain.

Elise Dreaux (textile design, clothing) Belgium, France.
le Faon (textile/Fashion) Belgium.

Gwendoline Gamboa (crafts) Belgium.
Mr. Galaxia (crafts) France, Mexico.
Lovely Mariquita (crafts) Belgium
Debora Marin (crafts) Belgium

Iong (sketchbook/drawings) France.
Lol plume (drawings) France
Quentin et Sylvain Michaud (short story/drawings) France

Sophie Duquet (video) Belgium.
Chanic (video/animation) Belgium.

Photos by Romario and Pascualino..

mardi 6 novembre 2007

more moustaches

Photo with "bigote" Marta Solsona.(Spain)
Drawing on photo by Romario.(Belgium/Bresil)
Photo by Tine Claerhout.(Belgium)

lundi 5 novembre 2007

she's crafty she gets around...

Ricard Aymar..

Victor and his Band played Saturday afternoon..

Had to put up images of our first sale in June 2007, Jewellery by L'eau à la bouche, paintings and sculptures by Ricard Aymar.

some of the artists from the last show..

Drawing by Monica Gallab (Brussels)

We have had many different people participate in last months exhibition. Some we met through myspace and some I already had as friends..Lisa Linéa for instance lives in Sweden and does illustration, Marta Solsona is a photographer and works with computer graphics..she and I met in Brussels while she was visiting from her home in Spain. Some of my friends didn't have time to get involved with their art but got down and dirty with painting the studio walls white, handing out flyers and just hanging out and making us laugh during the hard stressfull times. The work in the end that had been given, or sent without any imposed themesall of the works had almost the same theme, ANIMAL and transfomations from man to animal and vis versa... We got bird women and fish men, gorillas and foxes, all sorts of them..all softly drawn...delicatelly on to paper which I had asked them to age so that we would have a link between all of the different artists.

vendredi 2 novembre 2007

First impressions...

Drawing by Lisa Linnéa.

Moustache has grown from being a small craft sale one June weekend to becomming a whole organisation which has brought together about 30 different artists. Now the ambition of the collective is to organise: shows, workshops, events with concerts and performances of all sorts of styles and forms.
Based in Brussels, Moustache is international in its artist base and open to all countries of the world. We try to select work that's out of the ordinary from artists who aren't necessarily already well known and full of experiences..
Age is not important to us, neither is the artists backround or past..what is important is the sence of togetherness, of sensitivity in the work we make and show..
During the show last weekend a man came in the studio and before leaving he said.." the work here resembles that of friends making a dream together"...his phrase described perfectly the mood and energy that was our last project.
Our goal for the futur is to have more collective work to be shown and to move the project to different places outside Brussels.
The next Moustache collectif show,is planned for the end of May in Brussels (???)...
If you are interested, send us pics of your work!!!

Logo by mister Oats.