vendredi 2 novembre 2007

First impressions...

Drawing by Lisa Linnéa.

Moustache has grown from being a small craft sale one June weekend to becomming a whole organisation which has brought together about 30 different artists. Now the ambition of the collective is to organise: shows, workshops, events with concerts and performances of all sorts of styles and forms.
Based in Brussels, Moustache is international in its artist base and open to all countries of the world. We try to select work that's out of the ordinary from artists who aren't necessarily already well known and full of experiences..
Age is not important to us, neither is the artists backround or past..what is important is the sence of togetherness, of sensitivity in the work we make and show..
During the show last weekend a man came in the studio and before leaving he said.." the work here resembles that of friends making a dream together"...his phrase described perfectly the mood and energy that was our last project.
Our goal for the futur is to have more collective work to be shown and to move the project to different places outside Brussels.
The next Moustache collectif show,is planned for the end of May in Brussels (???)...
If you are interested, send us pics of your work!!!

Logo by mister Oats.