dimanche 11 novembre 2007

The wildest dream...

The artists on the wall...

Moustache 3 Day Show:
( 34 rue du Serpentin, Brussels, October 26,27 and 28, 2007.)

Opening Night: JEAN BICHE (Live DJ Set)

Saturday: KALONJI and CUPP CAVE (Liège) 

Sunday: Live show: I LOVE SARAH

Ricard Aymar (drawings) Spain, Belgium.
Romina Pelagatti (drawings) France, Italy.
Pierre-Plume (drawings) France.
Manon (drawings) Belgium, France.
Alice de Wrangel (drawings, crafts) Belgium.
Morgan Vigilante (drawings) Belgium.
Lucie Tocaven (drawings) France, Belgium.
Geraldine Georges (drawings) Belgium.
Romario /P.Carvalho. (drawings on photos) Belgium, Brazil.
Monica Gallab (drawings) Belgium.
Jean Baptiste Biche (drawings) Belgium, France.
Lisa Linnea (drawings) Sweden.
Julien Colombier (drawings) France.
Lia Bertels (drawings) Belgium.
Obi Okigbo (drawing) Belgium, England, Nigeria.
Melissa Koch (silhouette) U.S.A, Belgium.
Sophie Penrose (drawings) England.

Pierre Debroux (photography) Belgium.
Aurore De Smet (photography) Belgium.
Tine Claerhout (photography) Belgium.
Marta Solsona (photography) Spain.

Elise Dreaux (textile design, clothing) Belgium, France.
le Faon (textile/Fashion) Belgium.

Gwendoline Gamboa (crafts) Belgium.
Mr. Galaxia (crafts) France, Mexico.
Lovely Mariquita (crafts) Belgium
Debora Marin (crafts) Belgium

Iong (sketchbook/drawings) France.
Lol plume (drawings) France
Quentin et Sylvain Michaud (short story/drawings) France

Sophie Duquet (video) Belgium.
Chanic (video/animation) Belgium.

Photos by Romario and Pascualino..